Pandora's Box and the amulets. In certain periods of their such a long Empire, the ancient Egyptians came to seal up to one hundred and four charms to protect the dead on their last voyage. This multiplicity of insurance policies seems to belie certain skepticism on their efficiency.

Note: Stains of amulets surrounded by the shape as if they were protecting them, characteristic shape of an amulet

What Antoine de Saint-Exupery learned from Pandora's Box (flying):
" Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to remove."

Note: On an already made sketch, randomly remove parts

Pandora's Box is a hermetically sealed and obscure room containing all the pain in the world, its injustices. All remains there condensed, alive, regained, always in present tense. All the conversations of family and friends are there, they who bid farewell before their city is destroyed and conquered by the annihilating hoard of the new conqueror. All the children, who sleep and do not know what awaits them, are there. All the victims of History in capitals, with its unavoidable progress: the tortured, the deported, the persecuted, the condemned, the executed by firing squad, the burned, the buried, the incinerated and the forgotten are there. Now it is February of 1994. We're in Auswitz-Birkenau, on the old lands of the kings and dukes of Piast, founders of Poland. There are two naked and terrified kids holding each other, terrorized while the gas chokes their lungs and they think the taste of dirt and dry sweat they are sharing is also the taste of summer. Thanks to Pandora's Box we stretch out our hand, to touch them and bring them towards us, to here, to this instant, thanks to a pleat in time and space that our art opens and allows.

Note: Concentrated shape, highlights with dark stains

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Pandora's Box
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