Pandora's Box is a road of water, wood, stone and air. It is shaped with our sweat. It has a destiny of steel. It is liberation, the inner fire of the free spirit and the banquet of the libertine... In the midst, all the books of the worlds and don Miguel de Cervantes' farewell, written in Persiles' prologue, four days before dieing and addressed to the count of Lemos, on April 19, 1616:

"With one foot already on the parting stirrup,
And a yearning for Death
Great Lord to you I write,
Yesterday I was given the extreme unction and today I write this; time is short, longing grows, hopes diminish and with all this, I bear life through the desire I have to live..."

Note: Two boxes overlapping. More hope? A single color line. As single as an idea of a human creature?

Haiku epitaph on Pandora's Box:
While you can

Note: Dig while you can in the middle of the imagen

Pandora's Box has no shape yet it has them all. It's a cloud. It progresses. The cloud is a mirror in the air. The mirror cracks and it's a river. It too progresses towards the Sea of Serenity. The Sea of Serenity is on the moon. "The moon moves in the sky / with a child by the hand" Federico García Lorca wrote in his Romancero.

Note: Open the sketch until it nearly loses its concept of box structure

Pandora's Box is a crossroad where the fair meet under the tree that shelters the sweet traders, the respectable awkwardness of the humble, the infinite kindness of those who build thinking of the seventh generation. There where like soapy bubbles or toasted corn the generous elder flutter and discreet youth stretch out their hands to love and kiss because their life depends on it.

Note: Energetically force the sketch

Pandora's Box holds the sole chance of someone perhaps remembering us at the end of times. That's why we do not know how to see it. Even though we daily stumble against it like an invisible city.

Note: Try emptiness, transparency



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Pandora's Box
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